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Ethical Policy

Jewells Art chooses Business Services who work to sustain the planet and its resources.

Business Services

Since 2017 my chosen hosting platform uses 100% renewable energy and works with Ecologi, Trees For Life, the Million Tree Pledge and the UK Business Climate Hub to reduce their business carbon footprint.

I bank with a UK bank with a customer-led Ethical Policy, committed to limiting: global climate change, destruction of ecosystems, decline in biodiversity. Promoting: human rights, social justice, equality and animal welfare.

I manage my accounts with a company who value diversity, equity and inclusion and are committed to reducing global carbon emissions by 2 million metric tonnes, 50 times their 2018 footprint, by the year 2030.

My energy provider is 100% green, returning the annual power used by their customers to the grid with an equal amount of renewable energy each year, effectively making them net zero. They buy renewable energy directly from UK producers, are buying their own generators and manage 300+ UK green energy producers (mostly solar and wind farms).

Partnering / Service Providers
I look for companies to work with who have not behaved in a way that contradicts my ethics and values or behaved irresponsibly.
 Suppliers / Materials
Where possible I choose companies and products who have and follow an ethical policy of their own and are striving towards a better world, this is getting easier over time.

Recycling & Reuse
 I re-use packaging where possible; recycling, repairing and repurposing to reduce waste across the business.
I've installed smart gas and electricity meters to monitor and reduce usage. Waste food goes into the composter or to the garden to feed the wildlife. For many years I've grown plants which the bees and butterflies love and been part of the Hedgehog Street project to record Hedgehog Numbers and and this year I'm experimenting with a meadow garden.

I am committed to continuing to investigate ways to become more sustainable in the future.


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